Certis Cisco

Certis has one of the most recognisable uniforms in Singapore, with its signature colour. We have been working with Certis for more than a decade. Certis approached us to create uniforms that would be instantly recognisable as well as durable enough withstand a Certis officer’s job scope.

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Our main focus for the uniforms were that they had to be durable enough to withstand heavy tension while keeping their officers looking sharp, distinguished and professional.

we were asked to use a special dye in order to achieve its distinguished look. We worked with Ceris to select a fabric that would bond well with the dye.

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To complete their look, we provided Certis with a wide array of customised accessories designed to keep them looking sharp. In 2018, they rebranded and we helped with their rebranding and rolled out 30,000 pieces of uniforms in just 3 months.

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